Serverless Streaming At Scale with Azure SQL

Kappa and Lambda architecture with a post-relational touch, to create the perfect blend for near-real time IoT and Analytics.

19 October 2020

Resources to become a Well-Rounded Full-Stack Developer

More than 100 free high-quality videos on Javascript, Python and Azure SQL

08 October 2020

Practical Azure SQL Database for Modern Developers

A book on Azure SQL for developers written by developers

02 September 2020

Azure SQL & .bacpac the easy way

A kickstart to import/export database in Azure SQL

31 August 2020

Azure SQL for Beginners – Video Playlist

A series of videos to go from 0 to Hero on Azure SQL

13 August 2020

Querying and visualizing data using SQLPad

A free tool to easily query and explore data in Azure SQL

30 June 2020

An amazingly simple solution for Mobile Apps to sync with the Cloud

Change Tracking API + JSON will make your dev life so easy you won’t believe it’s Azure SQL

06 March 2020

10K Request per Second: REST API with Azure SQL, Dapper and JSON

Create and deploy scalable REST API in just a few lines of code

24 February 2020

Running Locust on Azure

An easy and cheap way to massively call HTTP endpoints

19 February 2020

Building REST API with Python, Flask and Azure SQL

Creating a REST API with Azure SQL is much, much, easier than what you think

07 January 2020

The world has changed. Azure SQL and SQL Server too

Azure SQL is really not the database you may think it is.

15 November 2019

SQL Server Change Stream

Responding to data changes in real time using modern technologies

03 September 2019

Real-Time Materialized Views with Cosmos DB

Keeping data updated using the Change Feed in a Serverless world

16 April 2019

Streaming at Scale with Event Hub Capture

Probably the easiest way to implement lambda/kappa architectures on Azure

04 February 2019

Serverless Streaming At Scale with Cosmos DB

About 100% serverless Kappa Architecture implementation, singletons, scaling, and multi-threading

09 October 2018

Apache Drill, Azure Blobs and Azure Stream Analytics

With Apache Drill querying Azure Stream Analytics job results in real time is really easy

28 August 2018

Querying Azure Stream Analytics results in real time using Azure SQL

Testing Stream Analytics queries for correctness can be hard, but with an help from Azure SQL you can do it

22 August 2018

Dapper .NET: 1:N Mapping with Dapper and JSON

A nice way to deal with a very common request and complex objects

22 June 2018

Azure SQL Managed Instances and Azure Data Factory: a walk-through

Making Azure Data Factory in Azure SQL DB Managed Instances work nicely together

10 May 2018

Calling Azure REST API via curl

A strightforward post to invoke Azure REST API via simple HTTP calls

04 May 2018

Docker Multi-Architecture Images

Let docker figure the correct image to pull for you

17 April 2018

Dapper .NET: Custom Type Handling

Go beyond Dapper limits and map arbitrary complex class

15 April 2018

Machine Learning on the Edge with Docker

Using Anaconda distribution with Docker and the Azure IoT Edge Python SDK

20 March 2018

SSIS Dashboard: Docker and ADF v2 support

Now a nice SSIS dashboard is just a docker pull away

14 March 2018

How to check your Anaconda version

A simple way to view installed Anaconda and Python version

19 February 2018

PowerBI and Azure Databricks — 2

Easier configuration and DirectQuery support with the Spark Connector

14 February 2018

Dapper.NET: Custom Columns Mapping

Go beyond the "same name" mapping

12 February 2018

PowerBI and Azure Databricks — 1

Using PowerBI to explore and visualize data stored in Azure Databricks using ODBC connector

07 February 2018

Dapper .NET: SQL Server Specific Features

Table-Valued parameters, Spatial and HiearchyID data types are all supported

15 January 2018

Dapper .NET: Multiple Mapping

Mapping a single row to multiple objects

18 December 2017

Dapper .NET: Handling Multiple Resultsets

While not a very common usage scenario, it can come handy sometimes

11 December 2017

Dapper .NET: Multiple Executions

A nice feature that is NOT as cool as it seems

04 December 2017

Dapper .NET: Getting started

Learning Dapper .NET basics with 10 samples

23 November 2017

Creating your first Dashboard with Apache Zeppelin and SQL Server/Azure SQL

It's time to create a dashboard

09 January 2017

Apache Zeppelin 0.6.2 for SQL Server Docker Image updated

Using volumes to persist notebooks and interpreters configurations

05 January 2017

Apache Zeppelin 0.6.2 for SQL Server now with correct Syntax Highlighting

The new release add syntax highlighting to SQL Server support

19 December 2016

Configure and use Apache Zeppelin with SQL Server: the Basics

Concepts and Configuration notes for Apache Zeppelin

12 December 2016

Run Apache Zeppelin 0.6.2 for SQL Server

How to run Apache Zeppelin with SQL Server with Docker

05 December 2016

SQL Server Interpreter for Apache Zeppelin 0.6.2

What’s new in this release?

03 December 2016

Apache Zeppelin, SQL Server, SQL Azure and SQL Azure DW

Apache Zeppelin what?

28 November 2016

SQL Server 2016 Temporal Tables

Natively keep track of changed data with Temporal Tables

29 October 2016

Using NLog with Azure Functions

Integrating NLog with Azure Functions

24 October 2016

Let’s start again

Back to development, togheter with Data and IoT

21 October 2016