Let’s start again

Back to development, togheter with Data and IoT

After almost 15 years of Business Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, Data Warehousing and everything related to “architecting” and creating Data Analysis solutions, without forgetting about Performance Tuning and Database Design, I’m back to the (.Net) development space. It’s a sort of going back to the roots, since I’ve started my career in IT just there, as a Delphi developer, in 1996.

For several personal reasons I decided to leave my work in SolidQ Italy, where I spent almost 10 great years and I moved with the family on the other side of the World, on the US Pacific Coast.

Of course, I’ll not be leaving the Data Platform space…no…Data is where I belong. But in the next years I’ll be working to make sure that the two aforementioned worlds will be working well together, building a Data Platform for IoT.

I’ll still be working on SQL Server, with its Azure version — SQL Azure — but I’ll also have to work with ASP.NET, C#, Stream Analytics, Event Hub and so on. Lots of fun, for sure.

It’s now time, then, to start a new blog, more general than the one I already have on sqlblog.com, where I will still post things related to SQL Server and the Azure Data Platform. Here I will use this space to share and save for future references everything I’ll learn, explore and use to reach my goal and do my job. But also more philosophical ideas and thoughts on development and software engineering and architecture.

That’s all for now. Talk to you soon my friends.